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Order sacks

Our recycling and general waste sack collections are available for those properties who do not have space for bins. Perhaps the property is on the first floor or ground floor but with no outside storage area.

Prices and delivery

Sack colour Use Pricing
Purple Dry recycling £26 for 1 roll of 20
Blue General waste £36 for 1 roll of 20
Brown Food waste £6 for a pack of 50

Sacks will be delivered every Wednesday on orders placed no later than 12 noon the previous day.

Order your sacks

Order the commercial waste sacks used for your collections using our online form.

Payment will be taken online after the form has been submitted via debit or credit card.

If you are unable to pay by card please email There will be a service charge of £15 for each order we need to invoice. We will continue to take payment by invoice until December 2021.

From January 2022 all sack purchases will need to be paid by card.

Collection instructions

Where and when you place your sacks out for collection is important. It can cause operational difficulties for us and makes the city look untidy.

Please follow these simple rules when using our sack waste collection service.

  1. Ensure the sack is not overfilled. You should be able to lift it with just one arm. No sharp objects, liquids, poison, explosives, broken glass or hazardous waste is permitted.
  2. Make sure it is tied/ sealed securely so waste does not escape.
  3. Only put the sacks out in the morning, before 9am, Monday to Friday.
  4. Please put the sacks in front of your commercial space. Do not pile the sacks around litter bins. Different crews empty those and piles of sacks makes this difficult. Try not to block the footpath.

Not following these instructions may result in you being refused the service. The ‘Duty of Care’ to present your waste correctly is and will be enforceable by law (Section 34 - Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Clean Neighbourhoods Act 2005).


Please email us with any queries at