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Quality Policy

The Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service (GCSWS) as the parent body of the Commercial Waste Service (CWS) is dedicated to supporting the Commercial Waste Service in meeting the customers’ needs, providing the best possible comprehensive service to meet their requirements.

The Commercial Waste Service will ensure that quality objectives are established. Based on the Corporately agreed Service Standards Statement the following objectives are of prime importance;

  • Customer focused excellent service
  • Competitively priced service
  • Customer requirements are determined and met with the aim of enhancing their satisfaction
  • Frequent reviews of service to continually improve

The Commercial Waste Service will ensure continual improvement in the effectiveness of this system and the continuing appropriateness and suitability for purpose will be reviewed at Management Review meetings involving senior management.

Set procedures as well as performance management indictors, are examples of how the Commercial Waste Service will measure its quality. These will be reported regularly to senior management.

Customer feedback is received both directly and recorded on the databases. Operational and sales staff regularly converse with customers, third party suppliers and report that information. Complaints follow the corporate framework in terms of response, each being resolved to the customer’s satisfaction within ten days. This policy and service updates are shared via the website, letter and by email to customers.

Regular staff meetings and two-way conversation will ensure that sufficient explanation is offered, ideas and suggestions appreciated and explored to allow both understanding by all staff involved and improvements made where possible.

Greater Cambridge commercial waste team

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