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Environmental Policy

The Greater Cambridge Waste Service (GCWS) of the two Local Authorities Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils fully support the Commercial Waste Service (CWS) – to that end it adopts aspects of the City Council’s robust Environmental and Climate Change Policies.

The objectives within this service specific policy underline the GCWS’s commitment to maintaining the Environmental Management System BS.EN.ISO.14001:2004, and support the two council’s approach to environment and climate change.

This policy also supports and contributes to the objectives within the City Council’s Climate Change Strategy and accompanying Environmental Framework.

The CWS undertakes to ensure that concern for the environment actively influences our thinking process and working practice and is communicated and known to all stakeholders, from staff through to suppliers and customers.

Our business and operational activities demonstrate a commitment to the prevention of pollution and continual improvement, whilst complying with all relevant legislation and other environmental guidelines relating to the organisation’s environmental aspects. (These are described in an associated document.)

This will be achieved by the CWS using only best practice and approved methods of work. Short-term (annual) and long-term (five + years) strategy plans have identified the following as objectives important for the CWS, as well its parent, the larger Greater Cambridge Waste Service, to achieve.

Objective 1: Reducing waste to landfill by increasing recycling:

  • The CWS encourages all customers to recycle, both dry and organic (food) waste through pricing incentives.
  • Recycling promotion plus waste reduction and prevention, by signposting businesses to advice and information.
  • Explore opportunities to increase the types of material that can be recycled.

Objective 2: To set high standards and assist residents, businesses and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and manage climate risks, by:

  • Working with the Planning Authorities to ensure high sustainability standards in the design and construction of new developments through identifying opportunities in the development of the Cambridgeshire Local Plan to ensure further promotion of waste minimisation and recycling, including the minimisation of construction waste.

Objective 3: To reduce the Council’s CO2 emissions and manage the risks to its staff, property and functions from climate change, by:

  • Continual improvements to the fuel efficiency of fleet vehicles and rationalisation of fleet composition and operation of refuse and recycling vehicles.

In addition to participating in the above plans, the employees of the CWS will continue to support and facilitate both councils internal recycling scheme for all council facilities.

This policy and service updates are shared via the website, letter and by email to customers. Regular staff meetings and two-way conversation will ensure that sufficient explanation is offered, ideas and suggestions appreciated and explored to allow both understanding by all staff involved and improvements made where possible.

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